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Easy Pump Equipment Rentals Services

Many times a construction worksite will call in an emergency for a pump. Their main concern is to just get rid of the water and return to production as quickly as possible.

Rental centers need to understand pump applications and know what style of pump is best for each project. Trash, dewatering and diaphragm pumps are all designed for different applications.

Maine Equipment Rentals

Easy Rent All offers one of the largest inventories of power tools, commercial equipment and heavy equipment rentals in the state of Maine. They are a family owned and operated company with locations in both Manchester and Bangor. Their rental fleet includes residential and construction equipment such as wood chippers, skid steers, and excavators. They also offer delivery services for all of their rentals across the state of Maine. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff is always ready to help with your next project. Call today to get started. They also accept credit cards. This business is a member of the BBB.

Skid Steer Rentals

Most rental equipment companies offer skid steers in their fleets because these are among the most versatile pieces of powered construction equipment. These wheeled machines are often used for everything from landscaping and residential projects to paving, snow clearing and every other imaginable construction task. They are also popular with contractors who need large amounts of earthmoving capacity on a limited time frame or for a particular job site. Conventional loaders, which are often called “big rigs,” are too heavy and cumbersome for many tasks.

Skid steers come in a wide range of sizes. Small-frame models, which have a rated operating capacity of under 1,750 pounds and are under 50 horsepower, operate well in tight spaces. Medium-frame models, which have a ranging from 1,750 to 2,200 pounds and are up to 70 horsepower, can handle heavier loads. Larger-frame skid steers with a rated operating capacity of over 2,200 pounds and more than 70 horsepower can tackle even larger jobs.

Choosing the right skid steer rental can be tricky. Several factors need to be considered. Some rental companies provide specific model options, like vertical lift designs or radial-lift configurations. Other choices are based on the needs of the project, including the distance of travel. Some skid steers are equipped with high-flow hydraulics that make it easy to use powerful attachments like brush cutters or snow plows. Other options include air conditioning and severe-duty or solid flex-style tires that can’t go flat.

Excavator Rentals

Whether you are looking to add an excavator to your fleet or simply need one for a specific project, renting is a cost-effective solution. Rental companies offer a wide range of recent equipment with different features to meet your needs, including smaller models that can dig in tight spaces. These compact excavators are ideal for landscaping, planting trees, repairing driveways and patios, digging water features and completing other property and home projects.

You can also rent excavators with different attachments to handle a variety of jobs. For example, some excavators have a demolition attachment that breaks into concrete and stone for easy disposal. Other excavators can be equipped with a brush cutter to clear debris and make your job site safer. Finally, an updated excavator can be equipped to work in water and even underwater, making it possible for you to tackle tasks that were once impossible.

When choosing an excavator rental company, ask about their delivery and pick up timelines. They should be able to accommodate your schedule and offer flexible terms. Additionally, be sure to ask about their billing policy and when payment is due. This way, you can avoid any surprises or unexpected fees down the line. It is also important to understand what their return policy is in the event that your project takes longer than expected. Inquire about how you can reach someone outside of normal business hours if there is an emergency or if there is any problem with the equipment.

Backhoe Rentals

Whether you need to dig a foundation or complete excavation work for a home renovation, you can save money by renting a backhoe instead of buying one. These large pieces of equipment are expensive to purchase and require a significant amount of maintenance to keep them operating safely. However, renting a backhoe is cheaper and offers the flexibility of using it as needed, which is especially useful for jobs with a limited duration.

Backhoe rental prices vary depending on the size of the machine and its features. Generally, daily rental rates range from $250 to $500. However, these costs can increase if you need an operator with the machine. In addition, extra attachments may also increase the cost. These can include components for digging, such as an auger and bit or a concrete breaker. Additional fees can also include transporting the equipment within a certain radius or fuel expenses.

Renting a backhoe loader is the ideal solution for short-term needs. It is much less expensive than purchasing a machine outright, and it allows you to avoid paying interest on the loan. Moreover, the rental company takes on the responsibility of maintaining the equipment and ensuring compliance with regulations. In addition, they perform safety checks before allowing the machine to be used. If you’re interested in acquiring a backhoe for your business, consider leasing a model instead of financing it with your bank.

Truck Rentals

If you need to pump water or waste from a job site but don’t want to invest in a permanent pump, renting one could be the solution. Not only does a rental pump save you the cost of buying, maintaining and storing a permanent pump, but it also helps you during emergencies. It’s ideal for removing debris and water during storms, floods, and utility system malfunctions.

Truck rentals come in a variety of sizes to accommodate any need. Whether you need to haul a studio apartment, a two-bedroom home or a large business, there is a truck rental that will meet your needs. Truck rental companies also offer in-town and long-distance rentals to help you get the job done right.

Remember that when driving a truck rental, your vehicle may not be able to go under the same bridges, underpasses and drive-thrus as your typical car. Keep clearance and height top of mind when driving and never exceed the maximum weight capacity for the truck. It is also important to read the truck rental contract carefully and understand what is and isn’t included with your truck rental.

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